If you live in the Flint area, you can enjoy Twig End Farm flowers through special order or biweekly flower subscription. We create unique floral gifts for everyday as well as holidays. We also provide fresh-from-the-garden flowers to local florists and designers.

We believe beauty is possible without burdening our planet. Here at Twig End Farm, we grow a wide variety of annuals and perennials on less than an eighth of an acre, using sustainable methods. Our blooms reflect the rhythm of Michigan’s changing seasons and are harvested at the ideal time for each specific flower type. Because of this, our flowers are long-lasting and abundantly fragrant.

Twig End Farm flowers are available May until autumn’s first frost, usually late September to mid-October. Due to their seasonal nature, specific flower color and variety are subject to change. To give the magic of Twig End Farm flowers year-round, prepaid flower punch cards and digital gift cards are available.

We also love to create custom flower crowns for your special occasions and photography events.

To order, visit our online flower shop or contact me (Janie) directly at Please note that although many arrangements incorporate herbs, Twig End Farm flowers should not be ingested. Take care to keep away from children and pets.

for Floral Designers…

We love selling thoughtfully-grown flowers to florists and designers! If you’re a floral designer in the eastern Michigan area and would like to source our flowers, please contact us directly via Instagram, Facebook, or by filling out the form on our contact page.