Flowers can’t solve all problems, but they’re a great start. I’m Janie Case Beuthin, farmer-florist and head gardener at Twig End Farm. My passion is specialty cut flowers. I share the beauty of local, seasonal flowers with friends, family and neighbors (and strangers!) in my hometown and birthplace: Flint, Michigan.

Twig End Farm is a small urban flower farm growing blooms that reflect the ever-changing Michigan seasons. Our flowers are available May through mid-October. If you live in the Flint area, you can enjoy Twig End Farm flowers through special order or weekly flower subscription. We also provide fresh-from-the-garden flowers to florists and designers in eastern Michigan. Please visit our flowers page to learn more.

To my friends beyond Flint: I hope Twig End Farm flowers inspire you to seek out blooms grown in your area. Please visit our FAQs page to read about the benefits of buying sustainable, locally-grown flowers and how to locate a flower farmer near you.

You can find Twig End Farm on Facebook and Instagram; please follow our flower journey!

“I love love love Twig End Farm flowers! Janie is the absolute best and puts a personal touch on every bouquet. She has taken a space in our city that was once desolate and from that has grown such beautiful things. Definitely recommend buying local and Twig End Farm is just that!”

Annie Heit; Registered Nurse, CLC